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Friday, April 23, 2021 

As engine company WinGD sees an increase in demand for dual fuel engines, resulting from the push for decarbonisation, the partnership between WinGD and CSPI has seen the launch of the CX40DF, the latest outcome of WinGD’s engine development partnerships which have led, over the last 20 years, to a number of WinGD’s portfolio engines including the X72DF, RT-flex50 & RT-flex82 engines.

The CX40DF is a new dual-fuel engine size that applies WinGD’s successful low-pressure gas technology on the established X40 diesel engine design. Through ongoing close collaboration between Swiss and Chinese R&D resources, the development of this latest WinGD portfolio engine has been described as a success. CSPI had an instrumental role in applying the integrated gas pressure regulation and the adapted pilot fuel pre-chamber system for gas charge ignition.

The CX40DF, as the working development engine, now forms the basis of WinGD’s X40DF engine design. WinGD is now moving ahead with commercialisation, offering lifecycle support of this engine. The X40DF claims reliability, safety, fuel efficiency and emissions reduction, characteristic of X-DF technology, to gas carriers, tankers, container ships and dry bulk carriers. The company says that these ongoing international partnerships and collaborations continue to advance the development of green technology to accelerate the sustainability of the industry.

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