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Friday, August 28, 2020 

Sanmar Shipyards of Turkey is currently building the third yug of the VectRA 3000 series, for which the shipbuilder is once again relying on the Voith Schneider Propeller (VSP), thanks to its high reliability and performance of the propellers on the previous two ships.

VectRA series tugs are high-performance VSP (Voith Water Tractor) tugs in tractor configuration, designed for maximum efficiency. Propulsion is provided by VSP type 32RV5 EC/265-2 units driven by two Caterpillar 3516C high-speed diesel engines connected to the Voith units via reduction gearboxes with integral clutches. Each engine offers power of 2,525kW at 1,800 rpm. With the Voith Electronic Control system incorporated on the tugs the captain is able to clutch-off thrusters at idle. This enables further fuel savings.

The vessel is equipped with heavy duty deck equipment and fendering, appropriate to ship assist service. Towing and ship-handling is performed over the stern using a high-performance, split drum winch. Tow hooks are also installed on the aft and forward decks. The vessel hull is constructed of all-welded mild steel, in a double chine form, the deckhouse and wheelhouse are also fabricated in steel.

Ali Gurun, VP Sanmar, said: "The outstanding efficiency of the Voith Schneider Propeller minimizes performance requirements and thus reduces fuel consumption while maximizing safety for the ship and the environment."

The innovative VectRA 3000 Class Tug is a high performance VSP Tractor tug designed by Robert Allan Ltd in close collaboration with Turkish ship builder Sanmar and Voith Group. The tug is designed for maximum efficiency in the performance of towing, harbour ship-handling and escorting of large ships. Performance has been verified with extensive model tests at the commencement of the design cycle. With a bollard pull of 70t, the design has fire-fighting and oil recovery capabilities and is fully MLC compliant.

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