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Tuesday, March 9, 2021 

Deltamarin, in partnership with Cargill and BAR Technologies, has now launched a 'virtual showroom' showcasing the principles behind the partners' jointly-developed WindWings wind propulsion system designed for renewable energy harvesting, claimed to reduce a vesselís CO2 emissions by up to 30%.

WindWings are large hard sails that can be fitted on the deck of a ship to harness the power of the wind and reduce the vessel’s fuel consumption and emissions. Delatamarine considers it important is that the design of vessel where the sails are fitted takes into account the required characteristics for maximal performance with wind assistance. The virtual showroom presents WindWings with adjustable features such as the position of the wings and the direction of the wind, enabling ship opertaors and designers who may be considering wind assistance to explore how the complete installation works.

This energy-efficient design is forecast to play an important role in the maritime industry’s transition to zero-carbon emissions, which is expected to involve three distinct areas of technology: operational optimisation, design and equipment upgrades and alternative fuels. The most economically feasible solutions are likely to comprise smart combination of all three, and Deltamarin says sail development is a good example of the necessary synthesis between design, equipment and operational optimisation. Deltamarin's internal research and development department is working on all three areas, in addition to its normal involvement in commercial projects.

The company says it is committed to offering tailored design solutions for fuel consumption and CO2 emission reductions for various customer segments.

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