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Friday, April 3, 2020 

Fincantieri subsidiary Vard of Norway has announced a new contract, valued at over NOK 500m, for the design and construction of a stern trawler for P/F Akraberg, a subsidiary of Framherji in the Faroe Islands.

This will be the first of Vard’s own design vessels sold to the Faroe Islands, although Vard's Norwegian shipyards have built many fishing vessels for Faroese ship owners. The Vard 8 03 trawler, a development of the 8 02 design, is based on a range of advanced and proven fishing vessels from VARD, designed for fish health management, efficiency and environmentally-friendly operations. The vessel has been developed in cooperation with Framherji and will have the latest green technology on board.

Erik Haakonsholm, GM Offshore and Specialised vessels, Vard, said: “The new contract is a bright spot for Vard, our employees and suppliers, and shows that it is possible to look forward despite challenging times. We are all looking forward to build a new generation fishing vessel to the Faroes Islands again. We are proud of the long history our Norwegian yards and the fishermen at the Faroe Islands have built in the past, and hope this project will be the start of a new era together.”

The new trawler will be equipped with the latest technology, equipment and solutions for onboard production, including Vard’s innovative catch handling solutions, advanced fish processing factory, high cargo capacity and ensilage tanks to ensure full utilisation of the biomass from each catch. The vessel will be arranged for triple trawling and have a length of 84m and a beam of 16.7m. Accommodation will be provided for 25 people.

For optimal efficiency, the trawler will be equipped with a hybrid propulsion system combining diesel-mechanical and diesel-electric propulsion, including batteries. Further, a fully integrated SeaQ Energy Storage System and SeaQ Power Management System will be delivered by Vard Electro, for optimal power and fuel economy in all operations. The frequency drives for the electrical winches are driven directly from the SeaQ Micro Grid that will increase the efficiency and enable to store regenerated power from winches to the SeaQ Energy Storage System, resulting in environmentally friendly operations.

Delivery is scheduled from Vard Brattvaag in Norway in 2022. The hull will be built at Vard Braila in Romania.

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