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Saturday, January 11, 2020 

SeaRobotics of the US has selected an electric propulsion system from Torqeedo for its Endurance 7.0 autonomous surface vessel (ASV), based on the key criteria of the system's dependable performance, extended time on station and quiet operation.

“Our power requirements for this Endurance 7.0 ASV were very specific,” said Don Darling, president of SeaRobotics. “The vessel required extended endurance on station as well as a quiet operating mode while performing acoustic research operations.”

The powertrain for the 7m aluminium boat consists of a Torqeedo Deep Blue 50i electric motor, a 360V DC 30.5kW lithium propulsion battery, a water-cooled DC-DC converter, a 24V DC lithium battery for DC-DC backup, and a 25kW diesel generator. The integrated computer-controlled propulsion system is designed for long-range unmanned hydrography and subsea mapping missions.

The system is designed to provide up to six days on station at survey speeds and up to 10 hours between automatic battery recharges from the onboard generator. The recharging cycles are fully automatic under computer control. 

“The DeepBlue electric drive, with 80 horsepower-equivalent output, provides ample power for a wide range of towed or statically deployed systems,” said Darling. “In addition, the smooth, continuous and rapid transition from forward to reverse thrust assists in station-keeping as well as near-dock manoeuvring.”

The Endurance 7.0 can operate under remote control by an operator ashore or semi-autonomously to implement a mission plan. The operator can put the ASV into automatic waypoint navigation mode, in which throttle and steering are under full computer control. The boat’s helm station can be optionally manned for operation in congested waterways and ramp operations when required.

“Autonomous Surface Vessels are a perfect application for electric propulsion in terms of silent, emission-free performance and reliable, low-maintenance operation,” said Steve Trkla, president of Torqeedo. “Torqeedo also had extensive previous experience in working with ASV builders.”

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