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Friday, February 5, 2021 

LNG supplier Titan LNG has agreed with Japanese shipping and logistics company, NYK Line to charter its dedicated LNG bunker vessel, 'Green Zeebrugge'. which was previously known as the Engie Zeebrugge.

The charter of the Green Zeebrugge will be for several years from February 2021. The vessel will be used to supply LNG to larger LNG-fuelled vessels in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) region. With the vessel’s chilled fuel cargo capacity of 5200m3, the charter increases the delivery promise of Titan LNG significantly. Green Zeebrugge is added to the two already operational barges (FlexFuelers 001 and 002) and will provide better loading economics for Titan LNG.

Michael Schaap, Titan LNG Commercial Director Marine said: “We are excited to announce the chartering of the Green Zeebrugge. January has proven exceptionally busy, underlining the timeliness of our decision to secure this additional capacity. Titan LNG caried out seven LNG operations during one weekend, three of which were to large crude shuttle tankers from Equinor, a term contract partner of Titan’s. Using the Green Zeebrugge we were able to ensure safe and timely deliveries to all the vessels."

Longer-term, this charter will increase the accessibility and thereby the uptake of LNG as a marine fuel, as the cleanest available fuel today. Titan LNG supports shipowners in taking active steps to meeting 2030 and 2050 emissions targets with (bio) LNG and other emission reduction strategies.

Schaap continued: “The use of LNG as a marine fuel has a multitude of benefits — not least its clear pathway to meeting decarbonisation targets through the introduction of bio and synthetic LNG. Establishing agreements such as these will help provide greater accessibility to the fuel, enabling more shipping companies to start the journey towards a zero-carbon future today. The expansion of our service area provides excellent opportunities for Titan LNG to gain new customers and serve our current ones even better.”

With the anticipated further acceleration of LNG bunkering demand, Titan LNG is taking steps to realise the needed infrastructure in European ports. A variety of LNG bunker vessels enables the use of LNG as a marine fuel to grow quickly. The Titan LNG Hyperion, the 8000m3 vessel that is nearing Final Investment Decision, will be extra proprietary capacity that will be available early 2023. Titan LNG expects to have the largest network of LNG bunkering vessels in Europe by 2025.

Titan LNG will soon supply bio-LNG which can be dropped in and blended with LNG using existing infrastructure and engine technology. The next step of using green hydrogen to convert into E-Fuels (synthetic LG) is under development by Titan for implementation in 2024.

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