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Wednesday, August 26, 2020 

Norwegian company Parat Halvorsen has designed and developed its new MCS Combined boiler, which can run on exhaust gas, fuel or electricity, with a focus on reducing emissions.

The choice of three different heat sources gives the vessel the possibility to produce steam from shore power to reduce emissions at harbour, and optimise the power generator load during transit. As well as normal marine fuels, the boiler can burn fish oil.

The boiler is designed to offer flexibility to switch between heat sources when needed. With this in mind, electrical elements of up to 600kW have been added to the existing Combined Boiler. This will give the vessel the option to run the boiler for steam production from shore power, reducing emissions and shutting down the fossil fuel burner while in harbour.

The MCS Combined Boiler can be used as a backup solution during operation, helping to keep the power generators at optimised load and reduce fuel consumption. The electrical connection can be delivered for 400V, 440V or 690V to suit the power distribution system in the vessel.

Existing Combined boilers or other boilers can be upgraded with the Parat ECS Electrical Circulation system to offer the same features as the 3-in-1 Combined boiler. The company will take care of the retrofit upgrade, installation and optimisation of the system.

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