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Thursday, April 29, 2021 

Teekay Shipping is deploying ABB Turbocharging’s engine diagnostics software to deliver deeper insights at fleet level, with ABB Tekomar Xpert for fleet being rolled out onboard 54 Suezmax and Aframax tankers.

The software will include the new CO2 emissions indicator. Teekay, which has used Tekomar Xpert to monitor its vessels engines since 2015, will now be able to access deeper insights into fleetwide engine health and performance as well as at-a-glance CO2 emission data.

While Tekomar Xpert monitors the engines on an individual vessel to deliver diagnostics and advisory, Tekomar Xpert for fleet includes a management tool which enables benchmarking across the fleet, highlighting further opportunities for optimizing engine operations. The company will be able to access data, including fleetwide engine health and annual CO2 emission savings potential, through the Tekomar Fleet Portal. Information will also be integrated into Teekay’s Vessel Balanced Scorecard, a proprietary tool that collects data generated by operations systems into a daily digital dashboard for each vessel.

Manoharan Jeganathan, Vessel Manager, Teekay, said: “By proactive diagnostics and maintaining optimum engine performance across the fleet, Tekomar Xpert not only enhances reliability and voyage performances but also assists meeting our emission targets. We thank ABB for developing such a pragmatic and user-friendly solution.”

“Advancing Tekomar Xpert from vessel to Tekomar Xpert for fleet will take Teekay’s opportunities for engine optimisation to the next level,” said Mauro De Micheli, Head of Sales, Marketing and Partnerships, ABB Turbocharging. “We are delighted to extend this partnership with one of the world’s biggest and most forward-thinking ship owners and operators.”

Tekomar Xpert deploys engine performance evaluation combined with turbocharger expertise, gathered through ABB’s extensive turbocharger equipment base. The software provides ship operators with key engine indicators via intuitive dashboards, allowing them to monitor, optimise and benchmark engine performance while giving early warning of potential engine problems. It is built on ABB’s Ability platform, with claims highest cyber security standards.

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