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Wednesday, July 29, 2020 

UK company Solar Solve Marine has dispatched a consignment of Solarola sunscreens for installation at the navigation bridge windows of ‘UBC Amosov’, a new Ukrainian registered and owned inland river tanker.

The vessel, 104.9m long and 11.4m wide, is currently in the Black Sea area, where she mainly trades and when not moving cargos in Rivers and Inland Waterways she is part of a new STS (Ship-to-Ship) operation for loading sunflower oil.

This is the first operation of this kind in the Ukraine. Requirements for STS operations by oil tanker are an order of magnitude higher than when loading bulk carriers, requiring considerable efforts to ensure the necessary level of safety for tankers to stand next to each other.

Mark Weatherburn, Solar Solve’s Technical Administrator, said: “When the first ship-to-ship transfer took place there were no sunscreens at the navigation bridge windows of UBC Amosov and we don’t know for sure if solar glare was a significant problem at the time. However, we do know with great certainty, that once these new Type Approved Solarola sunscreens are installed and brought into use, they will greatly enhance the operational environment for the personnel on the navigation bridge by further improving the health and safety conditions in which they work.”

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