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Monday, December 20, 2021 

Spanish-headquartered wind assisted propulsion company bound4blue has added Dr Bertrand Charrier, co-inventor of the suction sail, to its team in order to further enhance the company’s innovative technology.

Charrier was one of the original inventors behind a project led by  Jacques-Yves Cousteau in the 1980s, to create "a ship with an engine that would be powered by wind: an infinite, free and renewable energy source". Cousteau, Charrier and Prof Lucien Malavard invented and tested their suction sail concept.

This technology is said to be in inspiration behind bound4blue’s second product line, the eSAIL, which has been installed on two vessels and is the subject of several further agreements with worldwide shipowners .

In his new role, Charrier will focus on aerodynamics and the global energetic performance of the suction sail. He obtained a PhD from the University of Paris on Wind Assisted Propulsion Systems, after which he joined Cousteau to develop the suction sail concept. He brings experience in innovation and development gathered during his 15 years spent working with the Cousteau Foundation, after which he embarked on several other ventures, holding positions such as VP of Green Cross International and Director of Innovation at the French Development Agency.

Charrier said: “bound4blue has the technology to make a break-through in the industry of wind assisted propulsion for ships. Suction sails have a huge potential in this new open market, and I decided to join this energetic team to combine our efforts in advancing their vision of reducing polluting emissions in shipping. There is a sense of urgency to dramatically reduce CO2 emissions as quickly as possible, and bound4blue can contribute in the domain of shipping.”

CEO of bound4blue José Miguel Bermúdez said: “One of the most important things for bound4blue is to always offer the state of the art in innovation, and we achieve this not only through the mechanical and operational design of our systems, but also through their most essential core feature: aerodynamics. For this reason, although our technology is already available, our team is working each and every day to improve its performance and deliver the best products to the global market. Having Bertrand on board, the forerunner of the suction sail concept, gives us a huge added value which will be key to our future developments.”

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