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Friday, May 7, 2021 

Sea trials are currently being carried out on the Nexans newbuild cable laying vessel 'Nexans Aurora', built at Ulstein Verft in Norway.

Nexans’ Technical Manager, Knut Flage, said: “Blackouts are not uncommon on sea trials, but so far, we have experienced nothing of the kind on Nexans Aurora. This way of working is not always the standard, many shipbuilding projects do not prioritise enough the testing and run throughs at the yard. And this often results in more complicated sea trials. High quality components, delivery on time and the overall composition of the work being done has resulted in far less errors than is usual on sea trials like this. A lot of the hard work has been up to this point, and now, the sea trial feels almost like a holiday. But still, there is always some excitement, when all the systems are tested together and over time. The sea trial will continue for a few more days, but at this point everything has run smoothly”.

Project manager Frode Beyer said: “We are very pleased with the composition of the solution. This vessel is sophisticated, yet conventional. She is designed for her tasks but using well tested components and solutions from quality suppliers”.

Representatives from Bergen Engines and Brunvoll, propulsion system suppliers, are present on the trial and found everything was proceeding according to plan.

“Nexans is leading the charge of the energy transition by providing connected, sustainable and decarbonised energy. There is a lot at stake when a vessel like the Nexans Aurora is undergoing operations for customers and Nexans Aurora is tailormade for the risks we are involved in ,” said Beyer. “We cannot afford uncertainty, when electrifying regions and countries, Nexans must deliver 100% reliable solutions. Power failure is not an option”.

Beyer continued: “Even though we have managed this project through a worldwide pandemic, we have achieved every milestone. The way Ulstein has dealt with the Covid-19 situation is world-class. The policy implemented in the organization has been very rational. The challenge with Covid-19 has been taken seriously from day one at Ulstein”.

Hans Karsten Voldsund, Ulstein Verft Project Manager, said: “It is a lot to think about, but I have very good help from the people around me. We need to complete the outfitting of the vessel, some paint jobs, everything needs to be cleaned up and look good for delivery. We will also run some tests on the A-frame and some of the winches to check the hydraulics and the functions on these systems”.  

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