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Thursday, December 23, 2021 

The China Classification Society (CCS) has announced that 'TIGER LONGKOU', a 700 TEU deck cargo ship for LNG tank containers that was built and surveyed under CCS rules, has successfully completed its sea trials.

The ship is 192.00m long, with moulded breadth 37.60m, moulded depth 13.50m, and design draught 8.20m. It is equipped with a dual fuel LNG-MGO main engine. Compared with conventional LNG transportation modes, whole-ship LNG tank container transportation is said to offer more flexibility, opening up a new development direction for LNG transportation. Such transportation mode can also fulfil mass transportation of LNG, providing a more flexible service for medium and small enterprise users.

Tiger Longkou was ordered by Tiger Gas, built by Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding, and classified solely by CCS. The ship is first of a series of four which are the largest dual-fuel deck cargo ships for LNG tank containers.

During the trial voyage, surveyors from the Jiangyin Office of CCS Jiangsu Branch were in attendance to provide technical support in solving many technical difficulties. During the LNG containment system test for the ship, the marine surveyors carried out a careful survey of the control and security system for the Fuel Gas Supply System (FGSS), and conducted separate tests for necessary valve pump action logic, which ensured the safe, reliable operation of the ship in LNG mode.

Tiger Longkou is the first dual-fuel ship for LNG tank containers that has been built by the New Yangzi Shipbuilding. During the build of the series, CCS Jiangsu Branch is cooperating closely with both the shipowner and the shipyard, helping all parties keep up with the shipbuilding pace. Their support enabled the trial voyage to take place three months ahead of schedule. In the follow-up shipbuilding, CCS Jiangsu Branch will assist the shipowner and the shipyard in ensuring smooth ship delivery.

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