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Wednesday, January 27, 2021 

Tallink Grupp has installed the EcoPilot system from Swedish company Qtagg on the cruise ferry 'Isabelle' as part of its drive to save fuel.

EcoPilot is a voyage optimisation tool incorporating autonomous speed and power control as well as weather routing. The software controls the propulsion machinery to arrive on time at lowest total cost. EcoPilot manages the entire voyage by calculating an optimum power plan and executing it automatically, with little or no manual intervention. The verified results on Isabelle have been a reduction of 7% in fuel consumption and emissions. These results were verified by sailing with the EcoPilot system operational and non-operational on alternate round trips.

Qtagg CEO Tomas Lindqvist said: “Tallink has ambitious sustainability goals and we are keen to help the company realise them. Together we can make a substantial difference for the environment in the Baltic Sea Region.”

By linking various onboard systems, EcoPilot simplifies and digitises the ship operation process. An intuitive user interface combines all the required information and covers all technical needs and routines. With intuitive quick steps, the user can plan and optimise the route in seconds. Follow-up and re-planning is done directly in the chart with clear information on the ship's resulting performance and progress.

Weather forecasts are automatically updated, and the route is re-optimised when added information is available. Thus, the ship arrives at the next port just-in-time at the lowest cost with a minor intervention from the crew. The system enables onboard ship performance analysis and strategic planning. Ship to shore links enable remote support from Qtagg.

The system reads data from sensors monitoring more than 60 parameters in real time, including engine performance, propeller performance, rudder lift and drag forces, ship motion and navigational information. Data from previous voyages together with weather and sea forecasts are used to minimise the total fuel consumption for each voyage. EcoPilot is an intelligent speed pilot, that will automatically give the best result in any weather condition. During the voyage, the system automatically adapts to changing operational requirements, operator input, sea, and ship conditions, continuously using all available information to ensure on-time arrival at the lowest cost.

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