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Thursday, September 9, 2021 

Lookout Maritime, a new company formed to drive decarbonisation and wider sustainability within the shipping industry, has agreed a strategic partnership with Anglo-Eastern, a global provider of independent ship management services.

The partnership will support ship owners with both the prioritisation and the implementation of sustainability initiatives. The service provided draws on the operational, technical and practical experience of Anglo-Eastern combined with the wider strategic context and implementation support provided by Lookout Maritime.

The initial focus of the partnership will be on delivering a sustainability review at a fleet level for ship owners, including the EEXI and Cii. Detailed recommendations on identified conversion candidates are provided after consideration of a range of factors and drivers. This includes the future tradability of the vessels and other commercial implications, as well as a business case if required. The project teams at Anglo-Eastern will then manage the conversion project on behalf of the owner.

As expectations to adopt more sustainable practices continues to grow, all participants in the maritime supply chain are being asked to demonstrate tangible progress on both sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) practices.

Martin Crawford-Brunt, CEO Lookout Maritime said: “Lookout Maritime is excited to launch this strategic partnership with Anglo-Eastern to support the wider adoption of sustainable business practices in the maritime industry. Anglo-Eastern is an ideal partner for Lookout Maritime, particularly given their vast operational experience, extensive technical competence, and ability to implement practical solutions on the ground through more than 30,000 employees both at sea and ashore. It is critical that, as an industry, we move beyond the rhetoric to the tangible implementation of solutions that will accelerate shipping’s decarbonisation pathway and the route to widespread sustainability. With Anglo Eastern we have the opportunity to prove the potential and the benefits of sustainable business practices. And we are looking forward to more conversations with like-minded organisations and potential partners who are interested in joining us to contribute to a more sustainable industry together.”

Bjorn Hojgaard, CEO Anglo-Eastern said: “At Anglo-Eastern, our vision is to shape a better maritime future for all through meaningful contributions. Lookout Maritime was selected as our strategic partner given the wider stakeholder perspective and experience that they bring to the partnership, as well as the alignment in values and purpose between our organisations. We cannot achieve our sustainability vision and objectives alone. Lookout Maritime will help us to not only spearhead our own sustainability initiatives, but also drive change beyond Anglo-Eastern, thereby strengthening our ability to deliver on our mission and promise.”

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