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Friday, December 4, 2020 

Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC), of Vancouver Canada, has supplied a suite of ship design CAD/CAM software to Brodoprojekt in Belgrade, Serbia.

The programs delivered include Autoship Pro (hull design), Autoplate (shell expansion) and Autohydro Pro (hydrostatics & stability). The Autoship suite of programs allows a designer to create a faired 3D model of the ship, output a lines plan, produce drawings of sections and expanded hull plating as well as create a stability book for class approval.

Brodoprojekt, established in 2002, has completed several river tour boats and pleasure craft. Founder Sasa Djordjevic said: "I studied under the legendary naval architect, Dr Dejan Radojcic at the University of Belgrade who became my mentor where we delved into high speed planing hulls and river going vessels. I now have been involved in over 250 various projects. In looking around at the various marine programs on the market I had always heard that the Autoship System offered one of the better tools. I was a little uncertain about approaching them at first thinking that they only dealt with shipyards, but soon realized that both their pricing and customer service was also attuned to the needs of a medium size design office, such as Brodoprojekt runs. I’m finding their software to be very intuitive to work with and hope to introduce the other CAD/CAM programs shortly."

The Autoship System offers an integrated CAD/CAM approach from hull design through to NC cutting.  Using the same 3D model through all of the design steps ensures accuracy when final plates are cut. Other programs in the suite include Autostructure for designing in the internal structural of the vessel (bulkheads, stringers, flanges) to exactly fit to the hull form. The Autostructure output removes the time-wasting cut and trim process. Production Manager takes the Autostructure parts and automatically finds the best fit to the sheet material. It then creates a library of left-over material for future use.

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