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Wednesday, August 4, 2021 

According to Dutch marine electronics group Radio Holland, from 30 August 2021 new installations of Navigation and Communication equipment on board SOLAS ships need to conform to the new IEC 62923-1 and IEC 62923-2 standards to comply to the IMO resolution MSC.302(87), adopted by the IMO in May 2010, as an adaptation of the performance standards for Bridge Alert Management (BAM).

Bridge Alert Management enhances the handling, distribution and presentation of alerts in line with the guidelines of SOLAS regulation V/15 for Integrated Navigation Systems, Integrated Bridge Systems and bridge design. BAM will not reduce the number of alerts, but it prioritises them and changes the way they are presented to the bridge crew and officers. It eases the decision-making process and helps the operator to immediately identify issues and take suitable actions to maintain safe operations.

Bridge Alert Management will distinguish between four priorities, Emergency alarms, Alarms, Warnings and Cautions.

Bridge Alert Management also segregates these alerts into three categories:

  • Category A alerts are those where information is available on the equipment generating the alarm that is necessary for decision support for the evaluation of the related condition, for instance danger of collision or danger of grounding.
  • Category B alerts are those alerts where no additional information is required besides the information that can be presented at the Central Alert Management system.
  • Category C alerts are those that cannot be acknowledged on the bridge, but for which information is required about the status and treatment of the alerts, for instance certain engine alerts.

As from 30 August 2021 all Communication and Navigation equipment needs to comply with the BAM performance standards, in many cases this can be done by upgrading the software in the equipment. Most manufacturers will have this software available by then, and this software upgrade should be performed prior to the next Radio and Navigation equipment survey. In some cases, equipment that cannot be upgraded needs to be replaced with BAM compliant equipment.

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