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Wednesday, June 2, 2021 

A partnership development from IEC Telecom and GTMaritime is aiming to provide a simpler voice and data service to offer access to email services in order to receive navigation updates, port notifications and operational instructions as well as voice communications, using one compact antenna with minimal bandwidth requirements

MarineStar E-Lite provides voice and data connectivity in a package optimised for smaller vessels. Voice services are delivered over Thuraya’s Marine Star terminal, while email provision comes via IEC Telecom’s OneMailLite application, powered by GTMaritime. This dedicated connectivity solution is equipped with a fleetwide shore-side dashboard, allowing full visibility over performance, threat management and enabling remote changes to system configurations and real-time management of consumption limits. In addition, all files being transferred are compressed up to 95%, saving on airtime costs.

Nabil Ben Soussia, CEO Asia, Middle East & CIS, IEC Telecom Group, said: “MarineStar E-Lite is the most affordable solution designed particularly for small vessels. There’s no more need for long-term commitments or heavy airtime plans and no hidden costs either. This package is geared to cover the basic communication requirements and it does it well.”

By default, MarineStar offers two lines to separate corporate communication and crew welfare. By including an email app, this voice terminal can now serve as a comprehensive communication solution for small and mid-sized vessels as well as a resilient back-up solution for large VSAT-equipped vessels.

“Cargo vessels, tankers and bulk carriers are well prepared to support the rising demand for digital connectivity. With VSAT on board, crews have an almost GSM user experience. However, a lot of our customers, especially in Asia and MENA regions, own mid and small-sized vessels that have no room or budget for such a set up. During the pandemic the need for connectivity has become more apparent, particularly for the fishing industry and for offshore support vessels. The impact of travel restrictions, port closures and other Covid-19 operating requirements meant that the precise coordination of their work became more important than ever, particularly considering the need to decrease crew capacity to ensure social distancing. With reliable e-mail service on board, such precision became achievable," said Ben Soussia.

OneMailLite ensures email is successfully delivered, even if the vessel passes through the area with no signal. The app continues to work offline and automatically resumes data transfer from point of interruption. With cyber security an essential consideration, particularly following the implementation of the IMO’s cyber guidelines, the application has been developed in accordance with latest data protection regulations and includes robust security features.

Kirstie Williams, Head of Sales, GTMaritime, aded: “Attention to cyber security is one of the core principles behind the GTMaritime technology. OneMailLite is end-to-end encrypted. The app is equipped with multiple virus scanners and spam filters to ensure the mail received is safe and relevant. This approach boosts cyber security and helps vessel owners to comply with latest data protection legislation. We’ve been working with the IEC Telecom team over the past few months to incorporate our software into their product portfolio to ensure that all vessels, no matter the size, can have a cyber secure and stable maritime optimized solution. We are confident that this partnership will meet the demanding requirements for all IEC customers.”

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