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Tuesday, October 20, 2020 

Compliance and navigation services provider OneOcean has launched a new digital tool, LogCentral, which is said to make collecting and sharing vessel data simple and quick while requiring no training to use.

OneOcean CEO Martin Taylor said: “LogCentral is a genuine breakthrough, not just for optimising the usage of electronic logbooks but also for driving fleet-wide efficiencies. Data goes through comprehensive validation at point of entry to massively improve accuracy. In addition to monitoring fleet activity in real time, shoreside management teams can compare and analyse trends in depth. This is thanks to LogCentral’s capacity to output graphs and tables which also factor in historical vessel data. The resulting insights are available through the online portal and are key for informed decision-making.”

LogCentral adheres to IMO’s latest MEPC) which have just entered force, providing guidance for the use of electronic record books as an acceptable alternative to paper logbooks. With an intuitive, clearly laid-out user interface, LogCentral makes recording, managing and distributing vessel logbook data easy for onboard personnel. Accommodating all daily operational information including waste disposal, sludge generation and ballast operations, as well as enabling all air and water emissions to be precisely recorded, it facilitates proof of compliance with MARPOL regulations for pollution prevention and control. LogCentral uses comprehensive validation mechanisms to help reduce the likelihood of errors by linking records, and auto-filling areas to issue visual alerts if inaccurate data is entered. Based on data produced onboard, LogCentral creates analytical graphs and reports, capturing data that would otherwise be unavailable.

Importantly, LogCentral overcomes the setbacks associated with completing paper logbooks. In the past, crews have incurred heavy fines for delays, errors or missing entries when handing their logbooks over to the authorities. In some cases, logbook irregularities have even led to vessels being impounded. This has adversely affected trading operations and the reputation of the fleet involved.

Meanwhile, LogCentral’s shoreside core provides management teams with instant access to all logbook entries from each of their assets. This gives complete company oversight from one source. Any alerts generated in onboard record-keeping are flagged up to onshore users. This provides the company with a complete oversight of the record books as well as what is being completed and who is completing it.

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