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Tuesday, August 25, 2020 

NYK subsidiary NYK FIL Maritime E-Training in Manila has opened a remote diagnostics centre, which uses AI systems to enable continuous monitoring and central management of information to monitor the condition of engine plants of around 200 NYK-operated vessels equipped with Ship Management Information Systems (SIMS).

The platform is a human-centric AI application that leverages multiple sub-systems and is centred on the LiVE for Shipmanager operational monitoring system. NYK is now able to leverage quantified data from SIMS, its in-house developed system for sharing of detailed ship data such as operation status, fuel efficiency, and plant status. The data is shared between ships and land to monitor the operational status of the onboard engine plant from shore and provide greater visibility of entire operations to a wider audience.

To enhance monitoring functions and improve efficiency, research and development have been conducted for anomaly detection systems of engine plant and data quality management systems in collaboration with MTI, combining the experience and domain knowledge of marine engineers with data science. With the aim of practical application, the system aims to reduce fuel consumption and prevent major engine accidents by efficiently and centrally monitoring the NYK fleet.

At the centre, a data-driven anomaly detection system recognises anomalies in the operating condition of a ship's engine plant and, as a result, notifies expert marine engineers and provides the necessary information. The expert, having a specialised knowledge of the engine plant, will use the information provided to investigate possible root causes further and determine the accuracy and severity of the detection results. With increased depth and breadth of information, the Expert-in-the-Loop concept creates a human-computer interaction that is making the most of expert's time and benefits from collaboration with AI systems.

When an expert determines that further examination is needed, the expert will list possible causes of the anomaly, contact the ship management company, and inform other involved parties. The vessel manager at the ship management company will then coordinate with the ship's crew and advise them to carry out inspection and repairs when necessary.

By linking the anomaly detection system with the knowledge of marine engineers, the centre can examine AI detection results to prevent false alarms, hence build trust in the system. NYK can then inform the customer of the detection results and provide a description and rational explanation. Moreover, the system enables a feedback loop from the expert to improve accuracy of the AI systems.

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