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Tuesday, March 2, 2021 

Four companies - HAV Design (formerly Havyard Design and Solutions), HAV Hydrogen (formerly Havyard Hydrogen), Norwegian Electric Systems and Norwegian Greentech - with expertise in digitalisation, energy efficiency and zero-emission solutions in the marine and maritime industry - are joining forces in HAV Group.

The companies will bringing together expertise and experience with a view to strengthening and highlighting environmental technology. CEO of HAV Group, Gunnar Larsen (pictured), says the partnership between the four companies will give their customers a head starts with forward-looking energy-efficient solutions.

Larsen said: "Our customers have to address global megatrends, with very ambitious goals for minimising their environmental impact and increasingly stringent environmental requirements. HAV Group has the necessary know-how, experience and technology to provide customers with vessels and equipment to achieve these goals, while also increasing profitability, competitiveness and sustainability."

Larsen highlights the added value the four companies’ complementary expertise will provide for their customers. HAV Design delivers safe, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly ship designs, HAV Hydrogen has developed a hydrogen system that enables larger ships to sail greater distances emission free, Norwegian Electric Systems has smart control systems and energy designs that result in safe, efficient and environmentally friendly ships, while Norwegian Greentech delivers compact, energy-efficient ballast water treatment systems and water treatment systems for the aquaculture industry.

Larsen added: "We will pursue an active ownership strategy to create value for our owners through strategic development of each individual company and the companies together. We’ll do this by stimulating cooperation and synergies between the companies, as well as profitable growth.

"And we are now establishing HAV Group to further enhance innovation so we can steer the maritime and marine industry through the green shift, contribute to reducing environmental footprint, reduce emissions and accelerate the development towards zero emissions. The technology and expertise we possess put us well positioned for further growth based on the major global need to address environmental challenges, at the same time as we create opportunities and value for our customers with solutions that make them more profitable and competitive."

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