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Thursday, December 23, 2021 

Island Offshore says that its 'Island Crusader' has now been running on biogas for two months now with a total of 700 running hours on LBG, and the company has so far experienced good reductions in CO2 emissions.

During this period, 128t of LBG have been used, against 124t of LNG and 24t of MGO. Replacing LNG with LBG has so far reduced CO2 emissions by 372t.

KHMS manager Mats Stendal Aksnes said: “We have reduced the use of LNG - and thus emissions from fossil fuels - by 50% The question is whether we should use biogas on both tanks when we have been testing for a while.”

Island Crusader has two tanks for gas, one now with LNG, the other with LBG. Experience so far shows no technical challenges with the use of biogas, and it will be entirely possible to take the testing one step further to fill biogas also on the remaining LNG tank. Compared with conventional propulsion with MGO, it is possible to save around 6000t of fossil CO2 per year by using only LBG.

Aksnes said: “Our experiences with the use of biogas are entirely positive."

Technical manager Trond Hauge first saw the possibility of using biogas via discussions with the engine supplier Bergen Engines, and biogas company Lundin immediately saw the potential for environmental savings when presented with the project.

Aksnes concluded: “There is no economy in this; it is a pure environmental benefit. Biogas is much more expensive than diesel, and more expensive than LNG. Lundin has invested a lot to ensure the least possible emissions. This is initially a pilot project, however so far, it looks promising.”

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