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Thursday, October 22, 2020 

International shipping insurer North P&I Club has launched a new marine risk awareness solution, hosted on its interactive MyGlobeView digital platform, to offer users a digital tool designed to evaluate and demonstrate the potential hazards of a voyage from port of origin to destination.

The application - Route Risk Advice - joins a growing stable of MyGlobeView solutions, which includes a Covid-19 Tracking Tool, winner of a recent Safety4Sea award.

MyGlobeView provides North members and correspondents with access to over 40 alerting and reporting features, including industry news, port details, trading and commercial updates, and guidance on sanctions, travel and weather. The addition of the new application means that users can now input a voyage plan and receive up to date information on the risks that may arise at sea and in port.

Colin Gillespie, Director of Loss Prevention, North P&I, said: “We developed Route Risk Advice with our members in mind, taking into consideration their feedback to give them greater control of the datasets available on MyGlobeView. It is a constantly evolving solution to which we regularly add new layers of data, helping members to plan safe and efficient routes based on up-to-date, reliable information.”

Users of Route Risk Advice can establish bespoke reports based on specific routes and locations, which they can save or print for future reference. These reports are supplemented with knowledge from North's claims, legal and loss prevention teams. A built-in measurement tool determines the distance between any given points, while a feedback function encourages suggestions for general enhancements and new data feeds.

CEO Paul Jennings said: “Route Risk Advice is a welcome solution and a worthy addition to our digital portfolio, the full benefits of which can be accessed by anyone with a MyNorth account. Subscribers to MyNorth can also create their own publications library, address books and tailored news feeds and access premium content from our in-house experts.”

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