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Thursday, January 2, 2020 

InterManager and Polish Seafarers Trade Union Organisation OMK aim to boost the number of officer and engineer cadet berths on vessels, helping cadets to gain the vital sea-time they need in order to qualify as seafarers.

OMK and InterManager are inviting ship operators to participate in a Polish Government programme which guarantees 75% subsidies towards six-month contracts for 400 Polish cadets. The programme is open to any shipmanagement company wishing to allocate sea berths to students studying at Polish maritime universities who have already spent six months at sea but require a further six months to complete training and qualify as officers or engineers. The pilot program will be open to Polish cadets but InterManager hopes other seafaring countries will follow suit in the near future.

InterManager and OMK will assist with the cadets’ employment and communicate with the maritime university or a MLC approved shipping agency. Once cadets have completed their sea time and graduated, InterManager will encourage shipowners to offer them a full-time role.

Announcing the initiative, Capt Kuba Szymanski, InterManager Secretary General, said: “InterManager has long held the view that tomorrow’s Captains and Chief Engineers are today’s cadets. In order to complete their maritime training, every seafarer has to serve 12 months at sea. This is what differentiates regular shore-based studies from maritime – we need 12 months of sea time where our people ‘get their hands deep in grease’ before being able to achieve their final certification. Talking to many of our members, especially third party ship managers and crew managers, I realised that they might not have a separate budget for cadet salaries (as required by MLC) and therefore are unable to take ‘last trip cadets’ on board their managed ships.”

The scheme is open to InterManager members and global ship operators on a range of commercial vessels around the world. Ship managers must guarantee the number of sea berths they are providing for a six month period. In return they can claim a refund of up to €950 per cadet per month. Funding is available to support a maximum of 400 cadets.

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