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Monday, February 15, 2021 

Intellian is launching the smallest antenna the company has developed for the maritime satellite communications market, the v45C, for which the C in the product name represents its compact form factor.

The new 45cm unit is introduced to bring VSAT to new markets where there is limited space available for communications equipment. Intellian is committed to empowering connectivity for all, and recent launches have focused on enhancing user experience and capabilities with smaller VSAT solutions; first with the 60cm v60E, and now the v45C. The v60E has been a success across multiple markets, with a significant volume of installations and sustained growth demonstrating that small VSAT is a key area of interest for both new and existing customers. The v45C extends the portfolio still further, opening up a new market of smaller vessels which have yet to benefit from the data speeds and capacity delivered by VSAT.

Both the v60E and the v45C draw on technology developed for Intellian’s NX Series antennas, which range in size from 85cm to 150cm. Installation is made straightforward by single-cable, dome-on connection, while commissioning is facilitated by the built-in, browser-based AptusNX antenna management and diagnostics software. This enables the installer to follow a simple wizard to get the system up and running, and permits both local and remote diagnostics.

Eric Sung, CEO, Intellian Technologies, said: “We’re delighted to launch the new v45C antenna, which is an innovative and keenly anticipated addition to our maritime VSAT product portfolio. The v45C antenna will deliver compact, cost-effective connectivity to multiple customer segments, especially those which have been unable to install VSAT in the past owing to space considerations or performance constraints. We expect the v45C to open up new markets, and look forward to collaborating with new customers to help them make the most of the many advantages that VSAT connectivity with Intellian products has to offer.”

Smaller antennas have been made possible through Intellian’s innovative design and the introduction of high-throughput (HTS) satellite technology by multiple network operators. HTS satellites use spot beam technology to deliver focused, high-power service to smaller areas. This enables frequency re-use across the satellite’s coverage area and reduces cost, and for service providers means that a small antenna can deliver connectivity and performance at reasonable cost to the customer.

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