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Thursday, May 27, 2021 

What is said to be the first very large catamaran ro-pax ferry powered by dual-fuel reciprocating engines has entered service; the 'Eleanor Roosevelt' having been built in Europe through a partnership between Spanish shipyard Astilleros Armon, designer Incat Crowther, and vessel operator BaleÓria.

The designer says that the Incat Crowther 123 design demonstrates fresh thinking in the sector with its customisation and use of new technology. Developed to address the operator’s specific conditions and requirements, the design is said to validate a new local market option for European operators seeking aluminium ships of large size and complexity. Built by Armon at its Gijon yard using modular construction techniques, the vessel demonstrates a high level of technical capability, capacity and build quality.

The operator Baleària has been pioneered agreements with fuel and machinery suppliers in order to bring LNG propulsion to its fleet, reducing CO2 emissions by 30%, NOx by 35% and eliminating sulphur and particulates. The use of LNG fuel combined with Incat Crowthers latest-generation hull form offers relatively low fuel consumption for a vessel of this size.

Motions have been reduced with the latest iteration of Incat Crowther’s proven hull form, coupled with an operation-specific centre bow design. A retractable centre T-foil will be used to smooth the ride, whilst an isolated superstructure provides ultra-quiet passenger spaces.

Eleanor Roosevelt has capacity for 450 cars and 1200 passengers. The main vehicle deck has a height clearance of 4.85m, affording 500 lane metres of truck capacity.

The Incat Crowther 123 dual-fuel ro-pax is powered by a quartet of Wartsila 16V31DF main engines. Each of these engines produces 8800kW and drives a Wartsila LJX 1500 waterjet, giving a service speed of 35knots. The BV-classed vessel will sail under the Cyprus flag.

Eleanor Roosevelt is claimed to build on Incat Crowther and Astilleros Armon’s capability to offer a quality European-built option for fast ro-pax operators.

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