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Thursday, October 31, 2019 

Napa of Finland says that the new tools that have been released into the Napa Designer Modelling workspace have been confirmed, by test comparisons benchmarked against the previous version, to have made modelling work significantly faster, leading to the release of NAPA 2019.2.

In this release, there are five major new features:

  • Improved snap settings for interactive modelling to quickly and intuitively build the hull form’s curve grid
  • Enhanced interactive creation of 2D curves provides a more natural method to add curves
  • Enhanced management of the topology enables more efficient management of your models
  • Curve fairing tool (beta version) facilitates surface smoothing
  • Triangular meshing of hull surface and export in STL (beta version) enables geometry exchange to external CFD software from Napa

The latest version has been updated to reflect changes to the IMO stability criteria. As the IMO second-generation intact stability criteria update is considered to be virtually finalised pending editorial changes, Napa has now updated its software to account for the changes as listed in the latest regulation drafts.

A Loading Conditions Balancing Tool has been developed to automate the process of time-consuming manual re-balancing of the loading conditions to match with target displacement, trim, and draught, to take three examples. The updated version allows for substantially quicker re-balancing of a large number of loading conditions, and provides a more extensive set of features.

Resulting from user feedback, updates to Napa for Structural Design will make structural design and plan approval more intuitive and efficient in modelling functions, finite element (FE) meshing and drafting functionality.

Version 2019.2 includes six additional new features:

  • The interactive operational performance of Napa Designer is improved with shorter response times.
  • New snapping functions with centre point, tangent and perpendicular snapping to increase the accuracy of interactive work.
  • New trimming functions will speed up design by making the geometry creation more intuitive.
  • The stiffener landing tool now has better visualisation options for normal surface control, for better control of stiffener landing with complex layouts in curved shell structures.
  • FEM automatic meshing in Napa Designer now has more advanced options for mesh control. This delivers easy interactive access to many of those controls in FEM, which were previously only available with more complex commands and scripts.
  • FEM in Napa Designer now supports the DNV GL Sesam export format, as used by DNV GL’s Genie software.

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