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Tuesday, April 13, 2021 

Japanese company Nakashima Propeller has acquired a majority stake in the German shipbuilding supplier Becker Marine Systems, which, according to Becker, means that the two propulsion companies - which have been cooperating for over 40 years - will be working even more closely together in the future.

The two product portfolios are believed to complement each other well in the aft ship area. Nakashima Propeller is a propeller specialist while Becker Marine manufactures high-efficiency rudders and maritime energy-saving devices. Both operate in the medium- and large-sized ship sectors so together can also offer more efficient combined systems for the aft section of such vessels.

A statement from Becker Marine Systems joint MDs Dirk Lehmann and Henning Kuhlmann said: “We have gotten to know Nakashima Propeller as a much respected and reliable partner through decades of cooperation and because we are expert suppliers in the area in front of and behind the propeller with well-known products such as the Becker Mewis Duct and the Becker Rudder family, the cooperation with the globally leading propeller manufacturer is, of course, a perfect fit.“

Both family companies will aim to offer a coordinated set of innovative technologies in both the newbuilding and retrofit sectors. Customers can now put together overall packages from products that have been successfully tested worldwide. This includes Nakashima’s propellers and bow thruster systems and Becker‘s manoeuvring systems, energy-saving devices and battery solutions. Both companies have CFD departments, which will be used even more efficiently together.

Nakashima President Takayoshi Nakashima said: "Becker and Nakashima have started the cooperation since 1978. This time, we are pleased to enhance the strategic partnership with Becker Marine Systems through this agreement. I strongly believe that the relationship and trust which both families and management teams built over 40 years enables us to reach this agreement successfully. We will make a significant contribution to total optimisation for propulsive performance as well as manoeuvring performance to our customers during the entire lifecycle of ships.“

As Nakashima Propeller and Becker Marine Systems benefit from the new partner‘s additional product portfolio in the future, the two companies say that the merger will be advantageous for shipowners and shipyards concerning the use of an optimised maritime technology package and a global service network that is active in all time zones.

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