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Wednesday, December 16, 2020 

Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) and fuel company Euglena have carried out a successful trial in Nagoya port using a MOL-operated tugboat running on Euglena's next-generation renewable biodiesel fuel.

The test was conducted with the cooperation of the Nagoya Port Authority. The tug 13 Tamashio is owned and operated by MOL Group company Green Kaiji Kaisha. The biodiesel fuel used in the test was transported from Euglena Company's demonstration plant in Yokohama and supplied to the 13 Tamashio at berth.

The low-environmental impact biodiesel fuel complies with IMO SOx regulations and is produced from used cooking oil mixed with euglena, a type of algae similar to brown seaweed and sea tangle. Marine diesel engines can run on this next generation fuel with no modifications. The fuel produces significantly lower levels of greenhouse gases (GHGs) during combustion compared to fossil-derived fuels.

MOL views its contributions to environmental conservation as a social commitment, and the entire MOL Group is working to address global environmental issues. In activities focusing group-wide efforts on achieving sustainable net zero GHG emissions.

A declaration initiated by Euglena Company, known as Green Oil Japan, aims to make Japan the worldwide leader in biofuels. The company completed its biofuel demonstration plant in October 2018 and set a goal of establishing the biofuel business as an industry by 2030 and supporting the manufacturing and use of biofuels all over Japan. To date, 32 corporations and local governments have signified their support of the declaration.

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