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Thursday, September 12, 2019 

Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) has announced the joint development, along with SenseTime Japan, of a new vessel image recognition and recording system, and the systemís installation for demonstration testing aboard the MOL cruise ship 'Nippon Maru'.

The system’s graphic recognition engine was developed using MOL’s knowledge of applying artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning technology, allowing it to recognise surrounding vessels. The system recognises and automatically records vessels with high accuracy using a terminal equipped with a graphic processing unit (GPU) and ultra-high resolution cameras.

The image recognition technology, which can be used at night or during other periods of poor visibility, can detect smaller vessels that are not required to use vessel automatic identification systems (AIS). MOL views advanced image recognition as an underlying technology needed for automated watch-keeping, as the company works to realise the autonomous smart ships of the future.

Since the system automatically records image data, MOL plans to carefully review the accumulated data and use it to further enhance the image recognition engine’s analysis accuracy.

The navigation support system featuring image recognition, such as the AR voyage information display system, which is already in practical use, is seen by MOL as part of its challenge project, 'Focus Eye'. The company will continue to develop and modify the system, which supports watch-keeping while underway, to enhance safe operation and speed up the automation of watch-keeping, with the long-term goal of realising autonomous smart ships.

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