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Tuesday, August 31, 2021 

Metis Cyberspace Technology of Athens, Greece, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with marine engine components and spares supplier Carl Baguhn of Hamburg, establishing a long-term strategic partnership to improve the environmental performance of existing ships and land-based power plants.

Under the brand name ‘GreenFuture’, Carl Baguhn Hamburg collaborates with its sister companies Carl Baguhn Barranquilla and Twinco Singapore to convert energy-production systems on ships to run on alternative fuels such as LNG. Under the terms of the MoU, Metis will contribute its data gathering and analytics capability to the initiative for both marine and terrestrial applications. For METIS, the agreement represents an opportunity to enter a new market and gain additional experience with alternative energy sources.

Serafeim Katsikas, CTO, Metis, said: "We are proud to add our digital services and data analytics capabilities to Carl Baguhn’s expertise in engine optimisation and retrofitting, This strategic, interdisciplinary collaboration allows us to expand our business portfolio while making a significant contribution to a more sustainable future for the shipping sector and beyond.”

One of Metis’ key responsibilities will be to process and analyse data collected from engines and auxiliary systems using its sensor-based and wireless-transmission technology. It will set up digital twins and deploy cloud and big-data services including artificial intelligence to assist with early fault detection and predictive maintenance.

“If shipping and other major GHG-emitting industries are to reduce their carbon footprint in line with current targets, new technologies and alternative energy sources will have an important part to play,” said Sascha Spörl, Technical Director, Carl Baguhn. “Thanks to our partnership with METIS, GreenFuture will offer not only cleaner energy-production systems for existing ships and land-based plants but also the sensors and software to ensure their optimal performance.”

For newbuilds, this can be factored in at the design stage, but existing ships and power plants rely on conversion to enhance their environmental performance.

As further evidence of Metis’s commitment to maritime decarbonisation, the agreement follows the Greek company's participation in the EU-backed ENGIMMONIA project. Having officially begun in May 2021, Engimmonia aims to promote the global adoption of alternative fuels – namely ammonia – in shipping and adapt clean energy technologies for marine application.

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