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Thursday, October 10, 2019 

Nautilus International, the union for maritime professionals, has identified and discussed some of the key issues facing the industry as it sets out its agenda for the next four years at its 2019 General Meeting in Rotterdam.

Nautilus has conducted comprehensive research into key issues facing seafarers over the past few years to identify trends, concerns and areas that it should focus activity on in the coming years.

In partnership with the wider Nautilus Federation, the Union found that 84% of maritime professionals consider automation to be a threat to seafaring jobs, with 85% believing unmanned remotely controlled ships pose a threat to safety at sea. As such, automation will be an important area of activity for Nautilus in the coming years.

The Union will continue its work around jobs, skills and the future – working with members and key stakeholders to protect and enhance training and employment opportunities as well as the conditions of work for both those moving towards a career in the sector and those already working within the industry. 

Nautilus outlined a commitment to ensuring greater inclusion and diversity in the industry and to make shipping an attractive and welcoming place for women and minority groups.

General secretary Mark Dickinson, said: “It’s extremely important that we listen to our members to understand first-hand the issues that affect them most in the industry at any given time. Ultimately it is the members who decide our key priorities and the next few years look certain to bring a lot of change in the industry. We have always said that we will embrace change but will also make sure we are taking the necessary action to ensure maritime professionals are protected and at the forefront of any discussions that take place within the industry.”

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