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Wednesday, May 12, 2021 

Following a successful two-ship trial project, Höegh Autoliners has elected to add four additional Horizon class vessels to a joint digital solution combining Kongsberg’s Vessel Insight and MAN Energy Solutions’ PrimeServ Assist.

The two-vessel pilot project came about through MAN Energy Solutions and Kongsberg Digital realising that their separate efforts in maritime digitalisation were complementary. Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight – a cost efficient data infrastructure solution for the maritime market – is a natural match with MAN PrimeServ Assist digital solution for optimisation of engine use and maintenance. Following the signing of a digitalisation partnership between Kongsberg Digital and MAN Energy Solutions in May 2020, the combined infrastructure was initially trialed by Höegh in the now-completed two-vessel pilot project, onboard Höegh Autoliner’s Horizon class sister vessels Höegh Trotter and Höegh Traveller.

Andreas Jagtøyen, EVP Digital Ocean, Kongsberg Digital, said: “We are very pleased with the results of the pilot project with Höegh and MAN Energy Solutions. The joint digital infrastructure allows the operator to monitor vessel assets and check the running conditions of the engines remotely from shore, in order to give decision-making support to the ship’s crew. Also, the Vessel Performance application from the Kognifai Marketplace gives Höegh tools for reducing fuel consumption and unnecessary running of equipment, as well as benchmarking performance between vessels. We are happy that Höegh has decided to roll Vessel Insight, MAN PrimeServ Assist and Vessel Performance out on several additional vessels.”

Getting access to complete and contextualised high-quality data from several vessels allows fleet benchmarking and is a significant step towards digitalising Hoegh's fleet operations.

“Our purpose is to provide greener and more sustainable deep-sea transportation and we are working closely with suppliers to achieve this. The collaboration with MAN Energy Solutions and Kongsberg Digital has accelerated the digitalisation of our vessel’s operations and is an important step in improving our operational efficiency. Building on the success of the pilot project, we are pleased to continue the partnership with the addition of four vessels in our fleet,” said Andreas Enger, CEO, Höegh Autoliners.

When developing Vessel Insight, Kongsberg focused on making it a low-cost, easy-to-implement data infrastructure solution for a broad market. An important aspect of this is that installation can be carried out by vessel crews while at sea. The Vessel Insight hardware is sent to the vessel and the crew connects it. Immediately, all data is sent to the Kognifai cloud and contextualised. Using learning from the first installation, the installation time was drastically reduced on the second Höegh vessel, taking only a day.

Stig Holm, Digital Business lead Two-Stroke, MAN Energy Solutions, said: “With the connecting of four more vessels, Höegh is a good example of the potential that the Kongsberg-MAN partnership delivers. Digitalisation allows our customers to fully leverage MAN’s expertise on engine as well as on maritime customer needs.”

Gregory Puckett, Head of Group Digital, MAN Energy Solutions added: “Our open and scalable platform allows us to connect a variety of partners and platforms – providing new opportunities for connectivity as well as insights into engine optimisation potentials for our customers.”

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