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Monday, November 15, 2021 

Cargotec company MacGregor has announced what it says is the next generation of variable frequency drive (VFD) electric cranes.

MacGregor has delivered more than 500 electric cranes since 2007, with electric motor and drive system technology evolving significantly during this time. These developments have enabled the winch design, motor efficiency and cooling system to be further improved. As a result, the new generation crane is 15% more efficient than the first generation design and up to 50% more efficient compared to the traditional closed-loop hydraulic design.

Variable Frequency Drive is said to offer the following benefits for shipbuilders, owners and operators:

  • Potential savings in capital expenditure through reduced generator size, smaller electric cables and no oil filling
  • Superior cargo handling efficiency due to higher speeds and precision control, reducing time in port
  • Increased operator & crew comfort though significantly reduced noise levels
  • Lower maintenance costs without the need to change oil, oil filters and hoses
  • A sustainable choice that removes the risk of oil leakage

Electric drives are available for all merchant cranes in the MacGregor portfolio, including port, bulker, container, multi-purpose and heavy lift cranes.

 In addition, all electric cranes can be connected to the OnWatch Scout condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance service, with the option to include several automation functionalities such as Auto-Drive and Auto-Tandem.

MacGregor believes its next generation electric crane provides unmatched control accuracy and a silent operating environment.

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