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Thursday, May 7, 2020 

Lloyd's Register has positioned a global team of 'remote survey champions' to support the use of remote surveys within the marine and offshore industries, in response to an increase in requests for remote services as access to ships and assets in many parts of the world has become more challenging.

The team, comprising numerous dedicated subject matter experts, are located in key marine and offshore hubs including Rotterdam, Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Copenhagen, Piraeus, Cadiz, Southampton, Hull, Houston, Miami, Kobe, Yokohama, Guangzhou, Seoul, Dubai and Singapore. The team is charged with delivering complex remote surveying capability to support client requests which not only address the immediate challenges, but also ensure a systematic and repeatable approach for the future of surveillance activities.

LR’s remote services are technology agnostic, and provide an adaptable process to specific requirements and preferences. In addition, LR can provide the 'LR Remote App' for clients who do not have a preferred technology to provide the services. The LR Remote app enables survey requests to be coordinated and channelled to the global surveyor network. The app allows crew members to livestream and telestrate on video and audio with an LR technical specialist and other relevant parties, such as a flag representative.

“At LR, Remote is about making our people, our expertise and our solutions available remotely as well as physically. Technology is an enabler, but the value continues to be our human expertise and experience. It’s not about relaxing requirements, it’s about adapting and embracing what the digital age empowers us to achieve to provide the equivalence of services remotely. I am so excited to see LR leading the way to keep our clients and the sectors we serve moving,” said James Forsdyke, Marine & Offshore Head of Product Management.

LR Marine & Offshore Director Nick Brown said: “Classification Societies are collectively witnessing accelerated demand for remote surveys, transitioning the way we all provide our services. LR is leading this acceleration through our strengthened remote support, and our dedicated remote survey champions will ensure that our clients work with the people they know and trust as they explore this capability and drive our industry forward.”

Given the increase in demand for remote surveys and the necessity of keeping supply chains operating, LR is actively collaborating with flag states, regulators and other industry partners to drive consistency for remote working practices across the marine and offshore industries to ensure long-term benefit to clients and the industry.

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