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Tuesday, May 12, 2020 

Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) of Canada has released updates to its Autohydro Pro hydrostatics and stability software, featuring, in response to client requests, MARPOL regulations.

Autohydro Pro version 6.10 new features include:

  • MARPOL Regulation 23 – Accidental oil outflow performance
  • MARPOL Regulation 12A – Oil Fuel tank protection
  • Second method added for intermediate steps during flooding calculations
  • Enhanced report to create large .PDF documents - Dynamic limit definition

ASC adds that the next upgrade, Autohydro 6.11, is now in beta version and will be released soon. Its new features include:

  • Second generation stability criteria (level 2) (Multiple RA evaluated in wave condition)
  • Dynamic limit definition
  • Grain moment heeling moment calculation (produce grain heeling moment tables)
  • RA averaging calculation

Autohydro Pro is claimed to be a powerful calculation tool with a user friendly interface which can handle any vessel type. It will produce large stability books quickly and efficiently to help streamline class approval processes.

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