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Thursday, June 11, 2020 

According to Alfa Laval, for smaller vessels like handymax bulkers or product tankers, the cost of installing a scrubber often outweighs the benefits, so the company has introduced PureSOx Express to enable smaller vessels to continue using HFO while complying with SOx regulations.

The new open-loop system is delivered as a fully enclosed module. Adapted for a simple and cost-efficient fit on smaller vessels, it reduces the investment cost, engineering time and physical work of installing a scrubber.

Steven Pieters, Sales Director, Exhaust Gas Cleaning, said: “PureSOx Express uses the proven PureSOx technology that’s already used on hundreds of vessels, but it can be lifted on board and connected without a specialised scrubber team, which means less work at the shipyard and an installation time of just 10–14 days. Not only is the initial investment lower, the vessel can return more quickly to its money-making operations.”

Thee prefabricated and preconfigured PureSOx Express is designed for up to 75t/h of exhaust gas and engine power up to 10MW, so is suitable for many vessels of 40,000–65,000 dwt, which typically include bulkers and product tankers.

As supplied, PureSOx Express is an open loop system, providing regulatory compliance at economical cost. It incorporates conections for later conversion to a hybrid system if required, making it future-proof as well as cost-efficient.

“Customers who hesitate to commit to a hybrid can feel comfortable choosing PureSOx Express,” said Pieters. “PureSOx Express offers flexibility to add equipment for closed-loop operation down the road, should they need to meet stricter water discharge regulations.”

PureSOx Express is designed for reliability and function as well as simple installation and operation. In addition to a packed scrubber bed, it features an effective water trap that ensures safety by preventing any backflow to the engine. Steered with Alfa Laval Touch Control in the same way as other PureSOx systems, it offers the same ease of use and connectivity options, built on over 10 years of scrubber installations and operating experience at sea.

“Since the first PureSOx system sailed in 2009, we’ve optimised our offering by learning from each installation,” said Pieters. “All that knowledge has also gone into PureSOx Express. No matter which type of PureSOx system they install, customers can count on efficient compliance, supported by Alfa Laval’s global network and a comprehensive portfolio of scrubber services – including data-driven services through PureSOx Connect. PureSOx Express is yet another way of keeping our customers ahead.”

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