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Tuesday, September 21, 2021 

Exhaust gas cleaning system company Langh Tech of Finland has added ballast water management system into its product portfolio, with the introduction of a compact UV-based treatment system which combines fine filtration and efficient UV-C treatment.

The 20 micron filtration mesh removes all large size organisms from the intake ballast water and UV-reactor installed downstream the filter disinfects the remaining water with high intensity UV-C irradiance. The LanghBW system has a zero hour hold time before discharge in IMO areas and 24 hours in USCG areas. This means that in IMO areas, water treated twice can be discharged instantly with no retention time. During the discharge operation the filter is bypassed and only second UV-dose is applied.

The flow rate of available systems varies from 100 m³/h to 1800 m³/h but larger systems can be built when needed. The scalability of LanghBW Systems is based on one reactor design. Each UV-reactor is capable of treating 100-300 m³/h of ballast water and the desired flow rate is achieved by installing multiple reactors in parallel. Using only one reactor type simplifies the design and installation work and simplifies operation and maintenance. The reactor design provides an effective way for UV-treatment, therefore lowering the system’s power consumption and making the system capable for efficient operation in high turbidity waters with UVT down to 45%.

LanghBW Systems' design goals have been easy and reliable operation, simple user interface, affordable operation costs and effortless maintenance. During the design phase, the crew onboard Langh Ship’s vessels was involved into the development process to ensure the system’s suitability for demanding onboard environment and challenging operational requirements.

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