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Monday, September 16, 2019 

The companies in Finland's Langh Ship group say that environmental matters are foremost in day-to-day operations, and among efforts to improve ocean cleanliness Langh Ship's five cargo vessels have been operating since 2013-2014 with Langh Tech’s scrubbers.

In the closed cycle, the water used to clean exhaust gases can be cleaned in a water-processing unit on board the vessel, and the resulting waste is delivered ashore in solid form. In addition to this waste, wastewater, such as latrine wastewater from Langh Ship’s vessels Linda and Aila, which sail to Helsinki, is voluntarily collected and delivered to a waste reception point in Vuosaari harbour.

In continued efforts to improve the environment, the Linda and Aila will from now on voluntarily operate the scrubbers in the closed-loop mode during all piloted journeys, even if open-loop systems are permitted in the area. This will help minimise the emissions released to sensitive coastal waters.

“Ms Linda and ms Aila sail on the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, stopping at major northern European harbours. Using the closed-loop scrubber system during piloted journeys helps us do our part to positively influence the state of the seas surrounding major harbours,” said Langh Ship MD Laura Langh-Lagerlöf.

Langh includes scrubber manufacturer Langh Tech, shipping company Langh Ship, Industrial and Ship Cleaning Services Hans Langh, and Langh Group, which owns special containers.

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