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Friday, May 28, 2021 

Classification society Korean Register (KR), Pan Ocean Korean ship owner) and POS SM (Korean ship manager) have signed a joint Research Agreement for Rotor Sail Systems and Air Lubrication Systems, which the companies say represents a further step towards realising the environmental obligations of the shipping industry, as part of a wider cooperation between the three partners.

Under the new project, the partners agree to work together to establish the efficiency derivation achieved from rotor sails and air lubrication systems, aiming to verify efficiency and fuel savings through analysing actual operational data analysis and, in particular, from a brand-new rotor sail installation on VLOC Sea Zhoushan.

Pan Ocean recently fitted five 24m high rotor sails to the newbuild 325,000 DWT Sea Zhoushan.

In order to meet the IMO GHG reduction targets, major shipping nations such as South Korea, and the maritime sector as a whole, are working on a series of measures such as the introduction of eco-friendly rotor sails and the use of eco-friendly alternative fuels to help comply with the new regulations.

Kim Myung-Soo, CEO of POS SM said: “Pan Ocean and POS SM have been pro-actively responding to various international environmental regulations through a smart platform based on real-time big data from more than 100 vessels. Using this system, I am confident that a quick and thorough verification will be carried out”.

Ahn Joong-ho, CEO of Pan Ocean said: “if through this cooperation with KR and POS SM, the use of rotor sails and air lubrication systems achieves not only the fuel savings we are anticipating but also improves the overall operational efficiency, then I expect to see this technology adopted much more widely in the future.”

According to KR, the joint research agreement to verify the effectiveness of this new technology is an extremely important step in assisting shipping companies become more green and to comply with the decarbonisation regulations. KR, says it is committed to actively participating in the application of eco-technologies and helping vessel operators meet their environmental obligations for the good of the industry and society as a whole.

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