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Monday, October 7, 2019 

The government of South Korea is expected to raise concerns with the International Maritime Organisation this week about plans to discharge contaminated ballast water from Japanís Fukushima nuclear power plant in Korean waters.

Korea’s Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries is concerned that vessels have taken on ballast water contaminated by radiation following the plant's destruction during the 2011 tsunami and plan to discharge it in Korean waters.

According to a report in the Korean Times, the Ministry, along with the Nuclear Safety and Security Commission, is to take samples from vessels that took on ballast water near Fukushima. The ministry told the newspaper that it decided to launch the inspections to address Koreans' growing concerns about contaminated water entering the country's territorial waters.

Korea believes Tokyo plans to dump at least 1.1 million tons of radiation contaminated water stored in the plant.

"We plan to raise awareness on this issue among the member states and demand that Japan transparently disclose information over its handling of the contaminated water," a ministry official told the Korean newspaper.

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