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Wednesday, March 17, 2021 

A new Wind Turbine Installation Vessel (WTIV) for Dominion Energy, to be built by Keppel AmFELS and scheduled for delivery by the end of 2023, will be fitted with a Kongsberg Maritime (KM) integrated solution for WTIV operation.

US shipbuilder Keppel AmFELS is a subsidiary of the Keppel Offshore & Marine group. The agreement will see KM supply a comprehensive technology package for the new WTIV, destined to be among the largest of its type. KM is headquartered in Norway with several offices in the United States, including locations in Houston, Seattle and New Orleans.

Capable of transporting and installing current- and future-generation wind turbines and foundations, the new NG-16000XL WTIV will be the first to be built in compliance with America’s Jones Act, a federal law that regulates maritime commerce in the US and requires goods shipped between US ports to be transported on ships that are built, owned and operated by US citizens.

Crucial to the operation of the new vessel is a KM Integrated Solution for wind turbine installation vessels. This proven solution combines KM’s motion control, propulsion and dynamic positioning functionalities to maintain operability in all conditions.

KM thrusters will secure optimised performance both for transit, manoeuvring and dynamic positioning, with power supplied by six Bergen diesel engines. Mooring and line handling is facilitated by a comprehensive KM deck machinery package. Monitoring and control of the KM components will be managed by a K-Chief 700 marine automation system, and the delivery includes a large telecommunications package. The electrical system will use KM’s Energy Solutions.

Mark D. Mitchell, Dominion Energy SVP project construction, said: “Kongsberg Maritime brings years of experience and state-of-the-art technology to the construction of America’s first Jones Act-compliant offshore wind turbine installation vessel, which is a critical asset for the growth of offshore wind generation in the US.”

“We take a genuine pride in bringing the benefits of our technological expertise to all maritime sectors,” said Egil Haugsdal, President, Kongsberg Maritime. “The bespoke solution we have devised for wind turbine installation vessels indicates how much thought and effort we devote to facilitating and encouraging sustainable marine operations. We are pleased to be a key supplier to the first WTIV to be built under the Jones Act requirements, ably demonstrating that Kongsberg Maritime is well placed to be a trusted partner in WTIV construction projects for the US market.”

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