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Thursday, November 12, 2020 

Kansai Electric Power Co (KEPCO) and e5 Lab have reached an agreement today on a business partnership for the development and promotion of pure electric vessels (EV) in the Kansai bay area of Japan.

In recent years, the Japanese shipping industry is facing issues such as eliminating GHG emissions from vessels and the shortage of skilled seafarers. Therefore, development of EV technology and autonomous navigation systems for vessels is imperative. There is a high expectation for the development of various mobility in preparation for the Osaka/Kansai Expo in 2025.

e5 will be responsible for the planning and development of next-generation EV that improves comfort by reducing noise and vibration through electrification, enhances usability by making more transportation options, and creates flexible architecture and interior design to meet customer needs. KEPCO will develop a Bidirectional Wireless Charge/Discharge System for large-capacity storage batteries to be installed on EV. This will be the first such installation in Japan.

This charge/discharge system connects storage batteries on the vessel side and charge/discharge devices on the shore side to control electric power. It is expected to be used for energy management of the facilities nearby shore side and BCP measures.

In the future, the project aims to propose and sell new mobility services using EV technology and charge/discharge systems to local governments and corporations. Both companies will accelerate the development and diffusion of EV, and contribute to the sustainable management of the Japanese shipping industry and the realization of a decarbonised society.

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