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Tuesday, August 25, 2020 

Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG) says it has received six consecutive orders, including the first for its 6UEC42LSH-Eco-D3 and 6UEC42LSH-Eco-D3-EGR, which are currently in the final stages of development, for Handysize bulk carriers, and small/medium size chemical tankers built in Japanese shipyards.

Based on market research, UEC42LSH engine, the successor to the UEC45LSE engine, has been developed by J-ENG with an optimised rating field for Handysize bulk carriers, small/medium size chemical tankers and to competing engines.

For compliance with IMO NOx Tier III regulations, the Low Pressure EGR System (LP-EGR) has been developed by J-ENG  and will be applied to 42LSH-EGR engines. J-ENG’s LP-EGR system is said to offer economic advantages in drastic reduction of NOx by minimising any deterioration in the fuel oil consumption rate. The LP-EGR is said to be simple and compact through operating at low pressure using low temperature exhaust gas from the turbocharger outlet, contributing to improved maintainability and lower operating cost. Furthermore, in view of the possible extension of waste water restrictions in Northern America and Europe, the LP-EGR system discharges no waste from its water treatment system and thus is environmentally friendly in operation.

Following these multiple orders, J-ENG aims to further increase orders for its small and medium sized engines, and move forward to innovate and provide environment-friendly engines with low fuel consumption and energy saving. J-ENG says it is the only global and independent licensor of marine diesel engines offering a business structure taking in development, design, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service.

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