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Friday, July 16, 2021 

Japan Engine Corporation (J-Eng) has received an order for its MGO-only mono-fuel 6UEC35LSJ engine, for a 17,500 dwt greater coasting vessel, to be built by Onomichi Dockyard and owned by MOL Drybulk, for 2022 delivery.

The UEC-LSJ engine was developed with the support of The Nippon Foundation, with J-Eng's stratified injection system tailored to using distillate MGO or MDO as fuel.

The engine contributes to ESG management for all stakeholders such as shipping company and shipyard by providing the following benefits:

  • Lower fuel consumption with approximately 5% less than that of the same class UE engine will contribute to meeting the EEDI Phase 3 requirement, which is an index for CO2 emissions reduction.
  • Mono-fuel and no fuel heating system, to realise a simplified fuel supply system, and fuel change-over is not needed.
  • Stable fuel oil quality enables stable operation and longer maintenance interval for combustion chamber components.
  • SOx scrubber is not necessary.

The stratified injection system is a technology to inject two different liquid fuels from a single injector in stratified layers. In the case of the MGO mono-fuel engine, MGO and water are injected to provide lower fuel consumption and cut NOx emissions. This stratified injection technology can be applicable to ammonia, bio-fuels, and other carbon-free alternative fuels, which offer further potential to reduce GHG emissions.

J-Eng has developed the LSJ engines with engine bores of 35/42/50 cm, attracting enquiries for chemical tankers, bulk carriers etc. The engine promises to contribute to realisation of a carbon-free society as one of the bridge solutions to attain zero GHG emissions.

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