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Thursday, September 17, 2020 

Japan Engine Corporation (J-Eng), the joint venture company formed between Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Kobe Diesel has announced to start development of a new engine model, UEC33LSH, as the successor to the UEC33LSII which has been a long-selling prime mover for small size vessels.

The UEC33LSH-C2 type engine will meet the market demands of cement carriers, asphalt carriers, small-size bulkers, chemical tankers, LPG tankers, adopting an ultra-wide power range to enable wider engine speed selection based on the result of market research.

Environmentally-friendly performance and lower fuel consumption, expected to be far superior to other electronically-controlled engines, will be achieved using simple mechanical control systems, contributing to both lower Opex and Capex. An SCR system can be incorporated to comply with IMO NOx Tier III regulations.

The UEC33LSH is the third member of the UEC-LSH family, following the UEC50LSH which has more than 40 references and the UEC42LSH, of which six have been ordered. The UEC33LSH is scheduled for market release in March 2022.

J-Eng is aiming to expand orders in the medium- and small-bore engine sectors, offering a commitment to after-sales service along with sound environmental credentials and good fuel economy.

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