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Thursday, January 23, 2020 

Mobile satellite communication company Intellian has announced that its MX series equipment has received certification from Intelsat, with both the v85NX and v100NX endorsed for use with the IntelsatOne Flex service.

IntelsatOne Flex is a customisable service with a guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA), offering tiered, flexible plans which prioritise bandwidth across different satellite beams to meet demand. This avoids any requirement for customers to buy dedicated bandwidth scaled for peak usage or specific regions, thus keeping costs down. Flex adapts to serve new geographic or fleet additions, while providing a predictable cost structure that is directly matched to revenue-generating activities.

Flex is facilitated through a simplified, unified global network environment formed by aggregating Intelsat’s new EpicNG high-throughput satellites (HTS), existing Ku-band fleet and IntelsatOne terrestrial fibre networks, managed through an HTS-optimised iDirect Velocity platform to provide seamless connectivity.

Intellian claims that the v85NX and v100NX antennae offer high performance on all satellite networks through their future-proof design. To reduce installation time and costs for maritime customers, all NX series products are light in weight and feature a single cable. In addition, the new AptusNX software includes a commissioning wizard for simplicity and provides remote maintenance capabilities.

This focus on streamlining and automating parts of the installation delivers cost efficiencies and improves system performance. The NX platform’s modula to customers and increasing reliability.

Eric Sung, CEO of Intellian, said: “Intellian’s NX antennas have been designed to support next-generation satellite services and are the perfect choice for the IntelsatOne Flex service. Intelsat’s innovative approach to service provision reflects our focus on ease of installation and adaptability to different bands and orbits, which we believe is essential to facilitate the global industry.”

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