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Tuesday, October 27, 2020 

Intellian has launched its C700 Iridium Certus maritime terminal, claimed to deliver best-in-class RF performance, uplink speeds of 352kbps and downlink speeds of 704kbps and high low-elevation-angle RF efficiency thanks to its 12-patch phased array antenna technology.

The C700 will support three high-quality, low-latency phone lines simultaneously; and as a solid-state antenna with no moving parts inside, the C700 is robust, requiring no scheduled maintenance over its lifetime.

The C700 can be deployed as a primary communication antenna or as a companion to a VSAT system for seamless redundancy. For primary communications, the Below Deck Unit (BDU) incorporates, as standard, firewall, IP PBX, WAN port and built-in Wi-Fi. Hardware and software functions incorporated into the system mean the C700 is claimed to offer the most powerful, feature-rich L-band solution on the market. With innate stability and reliable connectivity it is suited for future safety services, including GMDSS.

The BDU, weighing about 1.2kg, is available as a standalone bulkhead mount system or a 19in all-in-one rack-mount version. The lightweight and compact terminal can be carried on board by one technician or crew member for rapid installation. Once installed, the built-in AptusLX software simplifies commissioning and setup.

Wouter Deknopper, VP and GM Maritime, Iridium, said: “Many vessel owners and operators may decide against VSAT for budgetary reasons, lack of deck space or the absence of adequate coverage on their voyage routes, so Iridium Certus is ideal as a primary means of communication, supported by the ease of upgrading to the C700 from an existing system. Iridium Certus also excels as a VSAT companion, combining the benefits of LEO with GEO, and L-band with Ku-band. VSAT can suffer from certain degradations and also isn’t global. That’s where you need a strong hybrid system, and Intellian of course is a highly respected manufacturer of maritime VSAT antennas and the new C700, so it is in a strong position to offer a very competitive turnkey hybrid package on the market. The flexibility of the airtime packages Iridium and our partners offer for Intellian customers is also an essential consideration in such uncertain times for the shipping industry and beyond.”

L-band is resistant to rain fade and atmospheric interference, while the C700’s 12-element antenna arrangement is designed to supply rapid and efficient tracking performance, leading to optimal high-speed data and voice connections.

Troels Christensen, Product Manager, EMEA, Intellian, said: “The signal stability is exceptional even on fast boats or smaller vessels in rough seas, where you may experience heavy pitch and roll.”

An attractive proposition for crew communications with its multiple high-quality voice lines, the C700 is protected with Intellian’s international support and service network infrastructure, and comes with a three-year warranty for parts and labour.

Christensen added: “The fact that it can be retrofitted by reusing a vessel’s old mast mount, cables and power supply saves additional time and money, There’s no need for extra boxes, there are no hidden costs, and Iridium Certus provides truly global coverage, even at the poles, so the C700 is an L-band innovation that pays ample dividends not just for smaller vessels, but right across the board.”

Eric Sung, CEO Intellian Technologies, said: “We’re delighted to partner with Iridium and believe our C700 is a great addition to our innovative maritime product portfolio. The new C700 antenna is a great choice for multiple customer segments, delivering an affordable solution which leads the market in speed and functionality.”

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