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Thursday, July 2, 2020 

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has published a new Engine Room Procedures Guide, which it says meets a need for dedicated guidance reflecting the varying design, complexity and arrangement of engine rooms across the global shipping fleet.

The ICS Engine Room Procedures Guide sets out routine engine room procedures and includes useful checklists for the ship’s engineering team. It provides clear guidance on safe and environmentally responsible engine room operation and maintenance, supporting internationally agreed standards and recommendations adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). ICS recommends that a copy is carried on board every merchant ship.

Claimed to be unique in the industry, the Guide provides authoritative and comprehensive guidance on engine room procedures, to ensure that ships’ engine rooms are operated and managed safely as well as in accordance with environmental protection regulations.

ICS has previously published a Bridge Procedures Guide, and this provided the model for the new Engine Room guidelines. ICS says the new volume will be relevant for all types of merchant ship and an invaluable tool for Chief Engineers and other members of the engineering team, as well as shipping companies and training institutions. It operates as an essential reference tool which reinforces established best practice throughout the global industry. 

According to Sunil Krishnakumar, Senior Technical Adviser at ICS and project leader: “Engine rooms are complex environments where even minor mistakes can have serious consequences. With clear information on simple yet vital procedures, following the guidance in the Engine Room Procedures Guide can avoid costly damages running into millions - and more importantly loss of life. The Guide has been created with the help of an expert panel from all sectors of the industry.  We know that serious incidents still occur in engine rooms, even during basic procedures. This new best practice guidance on engine room management sets down basic procedures and should therefore help to further improve on board safety standards, environmental performance and compliance with IMO regulations.”

The Engine Room Procedures Guide can be purchased from ICS Publications at £155.

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