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Thursday, July 2, 2020 

Hydrex diver/technicians have recently carried out scrubber overboard pipe repairs in Belgium and the Netherlands, with, in both cases, the new pipework being coated with Ecospeed to prevent further corrosion.

In Vlissingen, the Netherlands, the corroded overboard pipe of a 229m bulker was replaced. A small team performed an inspection of the damaged pipe on both the waterside and the onboard side of the hull. This confirmed that the scrubber outlet was corroded. Replacing the affected part of the pipe in its entirety was the only option.

A cofferdam had been constructed at the Hydrex workshop based on the drawings sent by the customer. The team installed this cofferdam over the outlet of the pipe. This allowed them to perform work inside the engine room without water ingress. Next the team cut away the old pipe. The shell plating was then prepared for the installation of the replacement part. The new pipe had been constructed at the Hydrex warehouse in Antwerp with a diffuser and flange already in place. The pipe was positioned and secured with a full penetration weld which was inspected by an independent surveyor.

To prevent the new pipe from corroding, the inside was coated with Ecospeed, a chemically resistand epoxy coating produced by Hydrex sister company Subsea Industries.

A similar procedure was carried out on a 200m ro-ro vessel in  Antwerp, on the corroded starboard overboard scrubber pipe. The portside overboard pipe of this vessel had been replaced eight months previously and had been coated with Ecospeed at that point. An inspection of the portside pipe revealed that the pipe and the Ecospeed coating were still in perfect condition, with no further action needed.

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