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Thursday, October 29, 2020 

HullWiper has announced the launch of a self-contained hull cleaning unit housed in a 40ft container to meet the need for safe, eco-friendly hull cleaning operations at remote locations.

HullWiper worked with MFC Concepts, a producer of modular and offshore containers, on a  container to enable the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) unit to be transported, by road or sea, to locations that its present hub bases cannot serve. The customised container includes a fully functioning engine room, workshop and control area for the trained technicians to work from. Other benefits include secure storage of the ROV in an AC controlled environment to minimise maintenance time and the ability to on/offload the unit in a matter of minutes to start hull cleaning operations without delay.

Simon Doran, HullWiper MD, said: “This initiative ensures that the same high standard we apply to hull cleans at our hubs is now available in places previously not accessible. Our bespoke container neatly packs the ROV hull cleaning unit and all the essentials within the limited space available – bringing the complete suite of features we have at our existing operational locations to the new sites.”

HullWiper’s ROV is a cost-efficient, brush- and diver-free alternative to traditional hull cleaning methods that protects both the ocean and expensive anti-fouling vessel hull coatings. The system uses adjustable seawater jets as the cleaning medium, instead of brushes or abrasives, to minimise the risk of damage to coatings. Removing fouling from vessels’ hulls results in optimal performance, energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions, and avoids the expense of recoating in case of damage.  No divers are used, and cleaning can be conducted day or night, in most weather conditions, and whilst cargo or bunker fuel operations are underway. Unlike traditional methods, HullWiper does not discharge removed residues and harmful materials into the sea. Instead, it collects them for safe disposal onshore.

Since its launch in late 2013, HullWiper has expanded from its first base in Dubai to include many other ports worldwide, and has performed hull cleans for more than 1,000 vessels.

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